Money Masters Guide

Your guidebook to making some money using the skills you already have as a gamemaster and roleplayer. This excellent guide will help you to build your community and grow a side hustle in a way that will encourage a positive cohort of followers who are willing to buy your products.


Extraordinairy Expeditions

10 Modular 5e DnD adventures for you to run for your group with little to no prep. These adventures are suitable for any campaign and make for a great one shot or linked together for an ongoing campaign. Created with the folks at Crit Academy this hardcover book/pdf is available on DriveThruRPG now.


Call of Cthulhu: Foreign Body

A retro-horror movie inspired adventure in the vein of Alien, The Thing and Event Horizon. Foriegn Body is a great investigation for a one shot or mini-campaign. Full of slow burning, pulse pounding tension, Foreign Body will leave your players checking over their shoulder after the game is over.


Dice Ranger Magazine

Dice Ranger Magazine is a gaming and fiction magazine that comes out roughly once a season (every 3 months). Every issue is full of articles related to wargaming, roleplaying, fiction writing and the hobby in general. With short fiction and a full dungeon adventure in each issue and tonnes of bonus resources for game masters to sink their teeth into. Subscribe to our mailing list to have the next issue sent directly to your inbox for FREE!