Roleplaying Games Resources.

One of the key influences of the Novels and Short Stories written by Arjade Productions has been roleplaying games. As such Roleplaying games are a key outlet for new story ideas. The following is a list of Roleplaying Game Resources for use by anyone who would care to take a step into the worlds of the stories and settings published by Arjade Productions.

You will notice that all books here are available for free download in ebook pdf format. Feel free to make use of them as you will. Links will also be provided to purchase hard copies of the books that have a publishing option available. These hard copies have a price assosiated with them and are sold through external websites.

Feel free to use these Deckplans for your own Sci-Fi games, whether they are set in this universe or not. As a long time Sci-Fi Roleplayer I know how hard it can be to find good, well thought out deckplans.

Maps and Character Sheets

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  • Deckplans

  • Silver River Class Freighter [A3 Size PDF] (117mb)

  • Staryield: Core Rules


    Staryield is a sci-fi game designed to bring back some of the gritty old-school elements of Science fiction that modern settings have lost. Taking inspiration from Alien, Battletech, Battlestar, Star Wars and many more, Staryield is a grungy setting that sets players in the post-dystopian future during mankinds first reaches out into space exploration and colonisation.

    In the gritty future, Corporations have welcomed the final frontier as an opportunity to make their own rules. Laws don't apply in space. No government means they are free to do what they want and this has openned the doors to all kinds of dangers spiralling out of control.

    Staryield Core Rules.

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