Roleplaying Games Resources.

One of the key influences of the Novels and Short Stories written by Arjade Productions has been roleplaying games. As such Roleplaying games are a key outlet for new story ideas. The following is a list of Roleplaying Game Resources for use by anyone who would care to take a step into the worlds of the stories and settings published by Arjade Productions.

You will notice that all books here are available for free download in ebook pdf format. Feel free to make use of them as you will. Links will also be provided to purchase hard copies of the books that have a publishing option available. These hard copies have a price assosiated with them and are sold through external websites.

Maps and Character Sheets

  • Mystic Times Character Sheet for d20 System: [doc]
  • Mystic Times World Map (Hi Res): [jpg]
  • Mystic Times Eastern Map (Hi Res): [jpg]
  • Mystic Times Western Map (Hi Res): [jpg]



      Basic Set: Dungeons


      Arjade's Map Packs are designed to help take the difficulty out of preparing your games. With royalty free content for use in professional game products, this book gives you dozens of dungeon tiles to build high quality maps for your own adventures.


      This pack contains:

      22 Room tiles

      45 Corridor tiles

      Over 350 Objects and Furnishing tiles

      Over 100 Object tokens.

      All on pages you are free to print and duplicate as needed.

    Mystic Times: Players Guide

    If you plan to play in Mystic Times, you must first be able to make characters, know geography and cultures of the people. The following rulebook will help you to become familiar with everything you need to know in order to begin your adventure in the Mystic Times setting. [MT-CG-0001]


    Coming Soon.


    Mystic Times Campaign Guides

    The Mystic Times have been around for a very long time. As such, there are so many pieces of information that they won't all fit into a single book. Below are some additional resources for players and game masters alike. Some are faction guides, some are closer looks at areas of the world. All of them are designed to give you a closer look at the world of Mystic Times.


    The White Dragon Trading Co. - Book of Contracts.

    The White Dragon Trading Company is a reputable adventurers supply store that has spread across all the realms of the Mystic Times. Each year they publish a Book of Contracts, which is basically a collection of all their outsourced missions and quests they are asking for help with. This resource is the first volume of quests for the White Dragon Trading Company. It contains 50 quests for players to undertake, all with different flavours and hooks.


    Coming December 2017
    [MT-CG-0003] The White Dragon Trading Co. Book of Contracts - Vol 1.
    [download ebook] [purchase hardcopy]

    Single Adventures

    If you are new to roleplaying or just looking for a single small adventure to test out the waters of Mystic Times, then give a Single Adventure a go. All campaign guides with the campaign code S are stand alone adventures perfect for a 1-shot or ad hoc Roleplaying session.

  • Mystic Times: The Elvish Play.
  • MysticTimesTheElvishPlay

    Explore the strangeness of this adventure with ties to the Theatre and a strange cult mystery. Will you save your friends in time, or with the Elvish Play get them. [MT-T1-S01]

    Coming Soon (2017)

    Mystic Times Adventure: The Year Of The Dragon

    Putting the Dragons and Adventure back into roleplaying games, Year of the Dragon is a series of adventures that tell the overarching story of the return of the Dragon Lords of Axiah. Told through a series of level appropriate adventure packs, the campaign adventures can be used individually or in sequence.


  • Year of the Dragon: Valley of the Dragons:[Tier 1]
    Players begin in Rendrin Village and soon discover their proximity to the Ruins of Axiah above is impacting the local creatures and Townsfolk. Many smaller missions for low level players in order to get them started on their journey into the Year of the Dragon. [MT-T1-Y01]


    Coming December 2017
    [download ebook] [purchase hardcopy]

  • Year of the Dragon: Danger in Firewing Folley: [Tier 2]
    Coming Soon

  • Year of the Dragon: The Pass of Fire: [Tier 3]
    Coming Soon

  • Year of the Dragon: Return of the Dragonlords: [Tier 3]
    Coming Soon

  • Year of the Dragon: Dragonlord: Korr'Gaxis of the Flame: [Tier 4]
    Coming Soon

  • Year of the Dragon: Dragonlord: Demagorandix the Green: [Tier 4]
    Coming Soon

  • Year of the Dragon: Dragonlord: Trektarosh the Underdweller: [Tier 4]
    Coming Soon

  • Year of the Dragon: Dragonlord: Shatroxithryl the Ice Queen: [Tier 4]
    Coming Soon

  • Year of the Dragon: Dragonlord: Bordakalyz and Lathrandurix: [Tier 5]
    Coming Soon