Downloadable files.

The following is a list of files for download by Arjade Productions and their personal friends for use in the games of the playtesters.

Fantasy Roleplaying Games

  • Pathfinder Open Source Core Rules: [pdf]

  • Mystic Times Core Files

  • Mystic Times Character Sheet: [doc]
  • Mystic Times World Map (Hi Res): [jpg]
  • Mystic Times Eastern Map (Hi Res): [jpg]
  • Mystic Times Western Map (Hi Res): [jpg]

  • Dungeon Maps

  • The Gauntlet: [PDF]

  • Science Fiction Roleplaying Games

    Deckplan Maps

  • Silver River Class Freighter (A3 Size): [PDF] (117 mb)

  • Other Roleplaying Games

  • Coming Soon

  • ยงยงยงยง